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Interior Painter

Stephanie Brunz did not have to become an interior painter. In fact, her oldest child was just two months old when she told her husband she felt a burning desire in her gut to pick up a paint brush and get to work. His response? Bewilderment. She did not have to work. She wanted to do this work. That was more than twenty years ago. Today, she has built a raving fan club, a referral base, and she even teaches others how to do what she does. 

The secret to Steph’s success is her insistence on trusting her own expertise. She knows her paint, she knows her brushes, and she knows her equipment.

Add to all that the fact that Steph knows interior painting as few other people do, and you have a recipe for real magic. 

It has been a long and bumpy ride to these moments of true creative freedom Stephanie is reveling in now. She began working with her husband out of one of his College Pro franchises, and made a few stops along the way, playing with different names for her company. Ultimately, however, she realized the only name she needed was her own, and with that sense of empowerment, her painting business has grown to what it is today. 


Excellence In All Things

Even more than paint, Steph values people. She loves to paint; it is one of her greatest joys. But one of the factors that contribute to that immense joy is the people she paints for. Steph loves seeing their reactions to her work, loves taking something that may seem difficult or tedious to someone else, and bringing her sense of fun and energy to it. 


You should not have to paint your house yourself if you know someone, or know of someone, who is excited to do it for you. Steph also regards excellence as something to be constantly aiming for. She has, as of now, discovered her perfect paint, her perfect brush, and even her perfect clients. All of that excellence allows Steph to do an astounding job, efficiently and with a smile. She is on a roll, and only wants to keep that up. 

Steph believes, beyond a doubt, that her life is a tapestry woven with exuberant and vivacious colors, weaving together her highs and lows, ups and downs, and all of her experiences. She feels deep within her that each customer she has worked with has been woven into her tapestry, as she has into theirs. Steph befriends her clients, looks forward to working with them again, and is delighted to have them refer new business to her. 


These are the things she values most, those relationships, the job well done, and the final, exceptionally well done job. 


Spread the Word

At this point in Steph’s career, she is confident in her abilities, and her goal is to not only continue to paint the rooms and thruways of her beloved clients, but also to teach others to do the same. She has felt so blessed over the years to do what she does; it has given her freedom to make her own decisions in life, to travel, and to have a more adventurous life than she may have otherwise, and she wants others to feel the same, especially women. 


As a young mother, painting people’s homes gave Steph a sense of identity and responsibility beyond the often all-encompassing identity of motherhood, and she counts herself lucky for that. She has since watched her daughter, herself a young mother, build self confidence and strength through pursuing her own passions. Steph currently, carefully, welcomes new employees excited about painting professionally and eager to build their own careers. She looks forward to mentoring almost as much as painting. 

Steph also wants her clients to feel valued, heard, and well cared for. As an empath, she is deeply committed to providing a real service to her clients - done right. On time. With excellence. Every time. This motto is one she stands by. One she paints by. 


Steph makes her own schedule, choosing when to be more active with her painting and when to allow herself more downtime. A grown woman with a new grandchild, she works with other adults, in particular adults who respect boundaries and know when to allow the experts to do their work. Steph works in a free, unhindered way that allows not only her proclivity for perfectionism but also her innate creativity to shine. She takes great pride in her work, and she knows her clients do, too.

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